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biotechnology courses and the industry requirements.

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In our country, almost all the clinical labs and hospitals use imported products for all their requirements and they absolutely feel proud of using so. This ultimately increases the cost of tests and patient charges.
The purpose of this organization is to make sure that we manufacture chemicals and diagnostic products including instruments that we import from other countries.
Qualities of the products are also compromised most of the times since it involves transportation. Most of the diagnostic and research kits should be maintained at certain temperature which is being compromised.
In future we have plans to enter into food products that help in preventing diseases and disorders. The gift of nature heals almost many ailments. The food we eat is what we are. Also the environment plays a major role.


Customized software for clinical laboratories and hospitals

Three days free trial.

  • Can download easily.
  • Do your billing.
  • Reporting.

  • Maintain data.
  • Customize your company name.
  • Pre loaded test details with normal range.
  • Online payment made easy.

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The training module includes:‚Äč

  1. Working and uses of Laboratory equipments.
  2. Clinical and pharmaceutical microbiology
  3. Agriculture, Food and water microbiology
  4. Enzymology and protein engineering
  5. Industrial microbiology
  6. Plant tissue and Bioenergy
  7. Immunology
  8. Immunoassay technology
  9. Molecular diagnosis
  10. Bioinformatics.

We provide solution for laboratories and hospitals using stand alone systems. If you are running a small laboratory or a collection centre, we provide you a software that does most of your data management job.

Customized software for clinical data analysis and for protein research purposes.


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